10/12/13 11:35PM

So I fell a little bit behind on Uploading new work. But lo and behold I just put up 72 new photographs. Since May was the last time I uploaded anything. I had to make numerous new pages for each sub category  Filling them with 13 individual shots per page. Each page takes a good 10 minutes to make.


5/13/12 5:16PM

Added Performance tweaks. I will be working with a few studios come late summer. I am also actively searching for female and male models. I shall re-optomize the galleries to be more 'user friendly' with x800 images instead of x1000. This will help load issues and quality.


10/20/11 2:31 AM

A small status update. These past few weeks have been the most strenuous moments of; what I would consider to be my whole life. Theres so much responsibility resting on my shoulders right now. I finished a presentation at the county courthouse on main a few days ago and it wen't well. I have a session on photography that I will be teaching and presenting at a local school and I finally got all of my fact cards and notes down. I don't wan't to make a fool of myself infront of a whole class. I have also finished a photoshoot for a male model in asheville. It was fun but I really need female models not male haha.

That and I have also finished a time sensitive card sheet for a display me and my brother will be attending in Charlotte this Saturday at the Charlotte mall. I was required to build them in less than a week and there were 31 files total. The printing will take place tomorrow at Staples. On top of all of this I started a new fulltime job a few weeks ago and worked 54 hours this week. Getting about 3 hours of sleep each night. I built a website for a local company and jailbroke a friends iphone for him while making sure it's data-safe.

So thats that. My Birthday is tomorrow, I'll be 21 years old. It's sad to think that I'll be working, And that I'll have nothing to come home too. So many memories I know I can't re-live. The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.
I can see my mother in the kitchen. My father on the floor, Watching television. Cinnamon candles burning. Snowball fights outside with my Brother. Hide and seek with my Sister. I've wasted my wishes.


10/19/11 12:52 AM

Realizing now that me working early and staying up late is quite the oppisite of what the body want's. But I do belive this website-portfolio-gallery is nearly finished.

Here I have optimized everything. The eligibility of an error occuring is null and void. I have published the 'Portraits' gallery with a wopping 10 pages o.o yeah and thats downsizing hahaha. For that I rest my head and sleep. Tomorrow I will be working all day but the minute I return home I will add a few snazzy little things here and there and upload the new works. By the way, I never think ahead and was totally blunt on the fact that New items will be at the end of the gallery. I'm...... Well I'll try to work something out. If anything this is just a gallery. My deviantart is catagorized by date so thats a plus. I'm listening to 'Boots' by the Killers and aww man it's a sad song. I mean it brings back good memories but memories I know I'll never be able to re-live. Goodnight peoples. Enjoy www.Merzlakphotography.com. I turn 21 in two days. It's sad to think that I'll be working that day with nothing to look foward too.


10/18/11 1:47 AM

I published two whole galleries tonight. The 'Scenic' Album is live and by far my favorite! There are a few new prints exclusive to my new site :D Well there quite old actually. I found them while I was sorting out my folders. I have over 18,507 photographs on my computer but only about 300 from my Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III. Anyway that and the 'Non Related' Gallery is live. It only has two pages. Wow. I'm writing this while listening to Tranquilize (with Lou Reed) by the Killers from there album Sawdust and good lord it's an impressive song. Click mE Please  It's a good song. So I've optimised every single photo to load quicker with less memory usage. Damn I feel inspired to do a few S.W.A.T. and Sheriff, action photographs for some reason. It's probably the song.

Tomorrow night I shall publish the Portraits gallery and upload the new releases Here, Deviantart and Facebook. Actually I'll do that Wensday night. Theres sti'll some things I would like to do to the Networking tab. So goodnight folks. More work to be done tomorrow.


10/17/11 2:52 AM

I completed the Sub Gallery routing directory and cleaned up the data space as well as organized my domain folders. As for the appearence of the site, I've completed the Gallery 'Sti'll Life' And though I sti'll have a few new pieces, I refuse to upload them to Deviantart, Facebook as well as here unti'll I finish the site.

Tomorrow I will work on the Networking tab to make it a little more unique and give it some flare as well as finish the Gallery 'Scenic' I also have a new work but refuse to upload it unti'll I'm done here. Many of those who know me on Facebook might have realized I've dropped off the radar for the past few days. It's due to a presentation I had scheduled and a Convention I'm gearing up for. I have a ton of work to do before Friday. Peace -


10/16/11 4:46 AM

I've built for the most part the grounding for this website. I'm super excited to get working on the gallery tomorrow. I've actually scaled handpicked pictures from my PC dating back to when I first started photography. Thats a long way back haha. So Each image will be 1000x pixles wide which is much large than whats on Facebook and Deviantart. With that said I've stumbled across quite a few images that never made it online. I found them to be quite breathtaking and a trip down memory-lane. The photographs will be hosted in High Resolution and without Letterboxing nor watermarks. Time for sleeeeep zZzZzZz

Be sure to keep up with me on Facebook -




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